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The Key to Landing Your Dream Job

How does one land a dream job? Some say it is an easy process of selling yourself and leaving a great lasting impression with your interviewer. But is it really that simple? And how exactly does one sell himself?

Here are 4 Key Basics for landing the job of your dreams:​

Dress Code & Grooming

Always dress for success. Regardless of whether you are interviewing for a Chief Executive Office (CEO) position, Executive Assistant or Sales Representative, it is important to present yourself in a professional well groomed manner. This means dressing professionally in a business attire as well as exercising exceptional grooming standards (neat clothing, neat hair, nails, clean shoes etc). I cannot stress the importance of this. I frequently receive feedback from interviewers and HR Professionals who occasionally express disappointment with poor dress code and grooming stanards of prospective hires. Your interview presentation is most frequently judged based upon your verbal skills, talents, and as well as attire and grooming. The combination of great talent and skills with poor dress/grooming standards will lead to your loss of an opporutnity. Don’t make this mistake.

Verbal & Non- Verbal Reactions Is your mouth saying yes but your body language saying no? If you truly want to land the job, you need to be in total control. When going on an interview, block everything potentially toxic or negative out of your mind and focus. Sing a song if you must or walk back and forth down the block prior to your interview Your mind and body needs to be on the same page. You need to tell yourself that you want this role and it will absolutely show through all means of communication with the interviewer.

Knowledge & Research Did you do a bit of digging on you prospective employer? If not, get on this right away. Employers tend to have pretty big egos and are always impressed to know that you have done a bit of homework on their company. A simple Google Search can solve this problem. Find out the accurate pronunciation of organization's name. Understand a bit about their history, the name of the current CEO and any other important details.

Thank You Note/Follow up Email Following the interview, if your sentiments are truly solidified and you are sold on this job being your dream role, here's what you do next. Craft a brief thank you note including a few words of enthusiasm and express how much of a pleasure it was to meet with your interview. Since many person today use social media and technology most commonly, employers normally expect to receive the same old redundant email saying thank you for meeting with me etc.. A handcrafted note will show them that you mean business and will certainly allow you to stand out from other candidates. Otherwise, whether dream job or not, it is always encouraged to send a personalized thank you email.

Written and composed by a contributor at Heserhoff Consulting.

The writer may be reached at

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