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Automate Leave Management 

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Heserhoff Leave Management




Seamless Integration

Automatically sync necessary employee data in a seamless transition of information from your HRIS system to our Leave Management application. 

  • Heserhoff has familiarity with endless Hr Systems and Payroll vendors

  • No Tedious Data entry

  • Fully automated data transfer  

Auto Analytics

A solution that provides you with automatic updates on current employee leave management data as well as gainful insights on captured trends.

  • Adjustable end of cycle intelligent data reporting

  • Leave Workflow Updates

  • Leave Case Workload

  • Active Leave Case Reports

Eliminate Risk & Liability

As the laws regarding family and medical leave management continue to increase with more than 200 bills being introduced to state legislature, 

employers trust Heserhoff to manage leave solutions including FMLA, Paid Family Leave, Disability and more for their employee population. Outsourcing leave administration ensures that each leave request is treated fairly, equally and validates leave to avoid abuse. 

Cost Reduction

In 2017, the Department of Labor reported 1,165 investigated FMLA related complaints, and 50% of those were the result of an employer violation. Furthermore, the number of ADA or FMLA related lawsuits has climbed steadily over the past 10 years. EEOC statistics reveal an average cost of defending an FMLA lawsuit can range from $87,500 to $450,000. Aside from the obvious cost of investigation and legal action, hidden costs of mismanaging your absences include:

  • A reduction in productivity. The average cost to employers of employee absence is more than 6% of payroll. By better managing the process and getting employees back to work sooner, this burden is greatly reduced.

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