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Protect Your Workplace from Security + Terror Concerns

What was supposed to be a beautiful Tuesday Morning in Brussels, Belgium quickly turned into a horrific nightmare, a scene most likely taken from a terrible horror film.

Terror attacks like these and more have plagued our land and now our allies abroad. This strikes closely with many who have directly or indirectly been affected by these terrorist activities.

While it seems nearly impossible to predict these heinous attacks, we must certainly do all that is necessary to secure and prepare ourselves in the event that we are to face such a situation. There are several steps that can be taken to ensure that your safety and the ones you care for and love is paramount.

We would be naive and misguided to hold the belief that we are in a sheltered and protected haven where 'such acts' could never come to pass. I am certain that the beautiful warm and friendly people of Belgium did not anticipate this attack. Neither did the 14 innocent people of San Bernardino nor the 186 individuals of the Boston Marathon Bombing whose primary intentions were to participate in a historic patriotic event.

What is your workplace doing to maintain active preventative measures towards potential threats? How are you protecting your business from potential attacks?

Here are three important means of actively protecting your workplace.

1. Review & Modernize your Security Systems. Are you aware of every person entering your building? This is mandatory and very important. Your security team whether comprised of one security officer or twenty officers should actively review live footage of movement and transactions within your building. Your business' Vendors and direct Clients entering the building should be accounted for at all times while on site. I would highly recommend an official sign in and sign out system which requires a Valid form of ID. If you see something which seems out of place, or a person who is highly suspicious, do not second guess yourself. Report it immediately. Always report suspicious activities and packages.

2. Maintain Strict Cyber Security measures for all personnel within your company. Get with your IT Department to complete an asessment of how IT flows within your organization. Who has access to what key networks and systems and why do they have it. Ensure that only those who need access to key IT systems such as servers have it. Make changes as needed. Ensure that close monitoring of entry onto your IT network as well as logging out of your network is done. Only authorized personnel should have this access. Any suspicious cyber security failures of unauthorized accesses should be reported immediately.

3. Risk Management Training for all employees. Ensure that Risk management trainings are made mandatory for all employees and frequently carried out. This should include important training inclusive of Active Shooter scenarios, Bomb Threat Procedures, Fire drill procedures and active action plans in case of any general emergency. All employees within your organization should know where all emergency exits are and what steps must be taken in the event of an emergency. If you do not have these essential systems in place, now is the time to create and implement these key systems.

For more information on Reporting Suspected Terrorism or Threats, Please visit the Federal Bureau Of Investigations (FBI)

Written and composed by a contributor at Heserhoff Consulting.

The writer may be reached at

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